Dordrecht during world war two

A collection of historical items from World War II in Dordrecht.


Welcome on the website of Dordrecht during the war.

On this website, you will find a comprehensive private collection about the second world war in Dordrecht and it's surroundings. Although that is the main subject of this website, you will also find items in relation to the Dutch pré war military mobilisation.

I hope that your visit on this website will be worth it and would like to refer you to the contact symbol on the right if you have any questions. 

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Have you got any interesting items in relation to the Dordrecht region during the Dutch military mobilisation or the second world war? Please don't throw it in the trash. I would be happy to accept it to expand my collection. Eventually it will have it's own place in this digital museum of Dordrecht during the second world war for everyone to see!


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